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Feeling beautiful from within

No matter how much we try to look good by reducing weight or by doing makeup, beauty comes from within.

The freshness and light on the face comes up when you are cheerful and happy.

That I realized when I tried hard to be on diet for 1 week. I lost 3-4 Kgs but there was no energy left in me. If someone told me to walk for 15 minutes, I was not able to do that.

Also the light from my face went away after dieting. My face looked haggard and blackish.

I then was diagnosed of some vitamin deficiency.

Then I started taking myself seriously, no crash diets and I told myself that I will enjoy life and accept whoever I am.

Today, I eat to my hearts content and do some morning walk. That makes my day.

I feel confident in whatever I am doing and decisions I am taking.

It seems as if I was trying to be somebody else earlier. But now I am comfortable with myself.