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How to make a house a HOME

Ladies play an important role in building up a house. A family living together makes a house a home.

As I wake up, apart from my responsibilities, what matters most is how well I listen to others, care for them and let them happy. Showing affection and love towards each other is what brings peace and contentment.

As I grow older, I feel the importance of giving space to each of my family members, even if it’s my 5 year old kid. That makes them develop and rejuvenate their personalities.

They don’t feel tied up to any rules or regulations and their personalities bloom naturally.

I was once taking a nap and my husband was still talking about the new Tax book he ordered.

As soon as the courier came, He woke me up first to look at the book and tell how awesome it was.

I was so sleepy and tired but I saw the happiness in his eyes when I told him that the book is really a smart choice of his.

He kept talking about it the next day during the breakfast and I patiently listened to him.

Then he asked me “Do you need any book for yourself ?”

I was so elated, he even suggested a book for me which will help me a lot.

During rainy days, these are the moments which keep us together.

In the morning, I try to be cheery and happy, no matter how much problems are troubling me so that when my family woke up, they see my happy face and can be cheerful.

So, it all depends on me, if not 100%, then at least 90% to run my home peacefully.


Feeling beautiful from within

No matter how much we try to look good by reducing weight or by doing makeup, beauty comes from within.

The freshness and light on the face comes up when you are cheerful and happy.

That I realized when I tried hard to be on diet for 1 week. I lost 3-4 Kgs but there was no energy left in me. If someone told me to walk for 15 minutes, I was not able to do that.

Also the light from my face went away after dieting. My face looked haggard and blackish.

I then was diagnosed of some vitamin deficiency.

Then I started taking myself seriously, no crash diets and I told myself that I will enjoy life and accept whoever I am.

Today, I eat to my hearts content and do some morning walk. That makes my day.

I feel confident in whatever I am doing and decisions I am taking.

It seems as if I was trying to be somebody else earlier. But now I am comfortable with myself.

Weighty Issues

The nightmare started when I turned 14. I realized that girl’s could not eat to their heart’s content. They have to be like birds eating for just sake of it. Even after marriage, women can never enjoy the food they like and they can’t keep on eating without thinking about the calories.

Since childhood, whenever I felt hungry, I ate to my heart’s content.

I was pretty healthy with my hairs jet black and long. I observed my skinny cousin who used to never eat rice, potatoes and sweets. But I ignored and never asked why she was not eating properly.

Then I entered my college, and I saw girls getting fever after watching themselves in the mirror. Their cheeks were little fuller and waist was not fitting the old jeans which made them to have sleepless nights.

I then also observed some women who were very much comfortable with how they look.

I decided to better be like them rather than be like a model. I always opted for the comfortable clothes and ate whenever I felt hungry and whichever food I liked.

To my surprise, I am much healthier than my skinny colleagues. My energy level is always up and I never feel dizzy. My looks are also good than those with dark circles under eyes.

Perhaps we women should be more comfortable with our image. It’s important to be healthy and eat foods you like till you are able to, to relieve stress and be happier. Otherwise who can say that after an age level, you will be completely forbidden from eating certain foods.