Mother’s joy

My Son

I adore your face as you call me

I wait for you my baby to wake up in the morning and ask for the breakfast

You are my reason for happiness

your voice makes me to forget all problems

I love how you ask me to eat something

My child, you are a heaven to me

Your soft cheeks and small hands,

your eyes are so full of joy

You are my bundle of hope and liveliness

your innocence teaches me too

to be kind and gentle to everyone

your naughtiness makes me realize,

how clever and cute you are…

I love you my son with all my heart,

Please never go away and be like this till I die

Your presence is so special and lively

I am lucky to be your mommy,

thank you God for blessing me with such a beautiful son

I pray for you my boy,

come home, the dinner is ready,

I would love to tell you some story,

and answer your queries…

Goodnight, my son


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